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Our expert team specialise in providing the following legal services to our clients.


Criminal and Traffic Law

We understand that allegations of a criminal nature can be confronting and stressful, and endeavour to ensure our clients receive sound, confidential advice in order to achieve the best possible outcome for their case.  

It is our job to help you understand the Court process, your rights and obligations and advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your case, in particular, whether you have a viable defence or if you are criminally liable. 


It is important that you do not make any admissions or enter a plea to any charges until you receive legal advice. This also applies if you are arrested and detained for a police interview on suspicion of a criminal charge. 


Firearms Law

Tasmania has strict rules and regulation with regards to firearms. Not everyone will be eligible to obtain a licence. As such, we provide advice and assistance with your application to ensure that you meet all required criteria to obtain a licence. 


If you have had a criminal matter, namely one which involved illegal hunting of wildlife or breaching a requirement under the Firearms Act, it is likely that your application will be rejected. In such an event, we are able to lodge an appeal for the matter to be reviewed by a Magistrate. 


We are also able to assist when you receive a show cause notice for breaching a requirement or condition of your firearms licence.  


Business and Commercial Law

Lawyers are an integral part of any purchase and sale process, but methods can sometimes mean the difference between a transaction that progresses smoothly and one that falls over. 


Be it buying or selling a business or needing someone to review and advice on commercial agreements, we are able to provide advice. We understand that for some, it will be buying their first business and to others, it will be selling a business that they have worked hard for.  


Different businesses have different legal requirements and it is our job to ensure that no stone is left unturned.


Property Law

Transfers of real estate are a complex area of law. Unfortunately, even a small mistake in the conveyancing process can lead to large problems down the track. The best way to avoid any problems when conducting a real estate transaction is to work with a qualified and experienced property lawyer. 


We are up to date on all state, local and federal requirements. We are best placed to help you understand and negotiate the complexities of this practice area. 


We often handle conveyancing transactions that require complex due diligence investigations on planning and environmental matters, easements, covenants and encumbrances on titles and leases. 


Wills and Estates

Whether you need help with drafting up a Will, contesting or disputing a Will, or need advice on the next steps when handling the estate of a family member who has passed, we are more than happy to help. 


We take a holistic approach with respect to planning your estate and will also provide you with advice regarding property that will not be bound by the terms of your Will including jointly owned property and superannuation funds, so that you can be assured that when the time comes, your estate will be distributed in exactly the way you want. 


We can also help you with very important decision making with respect to appointing people to look after your personal, financial, and/or medical affairs during your lifetime. We can explain to you your options and help put in place the right plan for you. 


We provide practical advice on Estate law and assistance to executors and administrators of estates. This includes the review and providing advice on a Will, preparing your application for probate, collecting in assets, and distributing the estate. 


Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our strategy in all litigation is to find the quickest solution to your problem. By doing this the dispute resolution process will be cost effective and less stressful.  We always attempt to resolve disputes before court proceedings are issued.   

Where litigation through the courts becomes inevitable we will give you clear advice based on the information we have on the merits of your case, the likely time it will take and an estimate of the cost. 


Through the court process there will be a court ordered mediation this gives the parties an opportunity to meet in a structured process with an independent mediator who will assist the parties to reach a resolution. Many disputes are resolved during the mediation process.   We are able to assist by giving you appropriate advice as to the resolution of your matter.

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